About BanglaFlix
BanglaFlix brings you nonstop entertainment, comprising of a wide range of video contents, e.g., music videos, movies, dramas, TV shows and popular programs, etc. Just download the app and stream any video of your choice- anytime, from anywhere.
Total Entertainment
Stream on BanglaFlix as long as you want; we have oceans of contents- so you will, hopefully, never reach the end of it.
Trailers, Teasers & Short Clips
Watch short segments from different videos or enjoy the trailers and teasers. Refresh yourself by taking short breaks from work, you don’t have to watch the full movies or dramas.
Binge watching
Binge watch your favorite shows or serials; enjoy all episodes in a row.
Smart Search
You can't get lost amidst the vast expanse of BanglaFlix contents; there is the Smart Search: Just write the content’s name and find your content in the blink of an eye!
Personal Playlist
You can also create your own list of contents, your personal playlist, that you would enjoy always or watch later. 
BanglaFlix chooses contents on the basis of user demands or preferences. That’s why, we bet, you will find here all of your favorite contents.
BanglaFlix Exclusives
And, last but not the least, BanglaFlix regularly releases exclusive videos only for YOU- our beloved users. Because BanglaFlix cares about you; we care about you!

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